Stacey Zimberg


Stacey is a certified ThetaHealer in the ThetaHealing technique.

I have an extensive background in healing the mind, body and spirit. As an athlete growing up in Long Island, NY. My certifications also include: Gyrotonic® instructor, and Pilates teacher. As I take a whole body, mind and soul approach to healing, transforming, creating your best life.

As a child I was always seen as different from the "norm", which propelled me to discover and challenge myself to learn and connect to a more spiritual life and teachings. Which I now see was always my calling as an intuitive healer. My spiritual journey is ever evolving to be of the highest service to others. My love of animals has also helped me connect with them on a deep level with ThetaHealing.

Thetahealing has helped my life incredibly. I want to share this wonderful technique with you. Through kindness, patience and understanding we can achieve anything. Through unconditional love we will heal and heal the planet. I invite you to experience this with me.

I have completed in my training; Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, You and Creator, Game of Life, You and your Significant Other, Soulmate, Intuitive Anatomy, DNA 3, Manifesting Abundance, Free Yourself from Addiction Attachment and Vows, ThetaHealing animal Seminar, You and Earth, Forgiveness Love and Power.

Manifest abundance, live your divine timing.


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